Ukulele Hunt Interview

To celebrate the Ukulele! radio show on Chorlton FM, it’s Manchester week over at Ukulele Hunt. And to kick things off, I was honoured to be interviewed by Woodshed.

He asked me some very pertinent questions, so the cat is now out of the bag about my forthcoming EP. Read all about it: Bossarocker Interview

Ukulele! Radio Show Part Two (2011)

David Leach playing live in session

Another fun-packed show last night on Chorlton FM 87.7. Thanks to everyone who sent in tunes & to David for playing live in the studio (even if he did sing a rude word!).

If you’re in Manchester, you can catch David along with last week’s guests Pyjama Party playing live at Dulcimer in Chorlton tomorrow night (Wed 25th May).

Big thanks as well to everyone who got involved & generally supported the show. It really wouldn’t have been the same without you all.

Apparently there have been some problems with the listen again feature, so I will be putting the shows up online myself once I’ve got hold of the audio. And I will do it this time, I promise.

So that’s it for another year, for Chorlton FM anyway (though they are still broadcasting until Sunday night). At least you don’t have long to wait for your next fix of ukulele music - Uke Hunt podcast #8 will be up next week on my favourite website featuring Helen Arney live in session!

Ukulele! Radio Show Part Two (2011) Playlist:

  1. The Spiraltones– Lost Weekend
  2. Eddie Vedder – Longing to Belong
  3. tUnE-yArDs – Powa
  4. Helen Arney featuring Professor Elemental – Animals
  5. Nicholas Abersold – Those Punk Rock Days
  6. Mother Ukers – Lucifer
  7. David Leach live in session – Twenty Two
  8. David Leach live in session – Chasing Aeroplanes
  9. David Leach live in session – Ready For It
  10. Roy Smeck – Ukulele Bounce
  11. Felix Mendelssohn’s Hawaiian Serenaders – The Hula Blues
  12. Annie Bacon – Superwaitress
  13. Tyrone – Ukulele Heart
  14. Eliza Newman – Ukulele Song for You
  15. Holland Greco – Stuck!
  16. Tricity Vogue – Big Band Blues


Ukulele! Radio Show Part One (2011)

Pyjama Party playing live in session - spot the Runcorn t-shirt!

Following the success of last year’s show, which inspired the Uke Hunt podcast, I was delighted to be invited back to Chorlton Arts Radio this year for more Ukulele! action.

Broadcasting on 87.7 FM & online, the show last Monday was great fun to do. Thanks to Pyjama Party for playing live in session & to everyone who got involved.


  1. Spring Breakup – The Effect I Have On Women
  2. Herman Vandecauter – Andaluzukulele
  3. Rose Turtle Ertler – Ping Pong Princess
  4. Lemos – Alice
  5. Sophie Madeleine – Little One
  6. Amitron 7 – Everything is Orange Now
  7. Pyjama Party live in session – Grandad’s Bile
  8. Pyjama Party live in session – Chips and Chicken
  9. Pyjama Party live in session – Runcorn
  10. Cosmo – Strike! Occupy! Resist!
  11. The Re-entrants – Crazy Horses
  12. Craig Robertson – An Original Song
  13. Pussy Jazz – Accidently
  14. tUnE-yArDs – You Yes You

Don’t forget to tune in for Ukulele! Part Two, tomorrow night (Mon 23rd May), 8-9pm on Chorlton FM 87.7 in the Manchester area or you can listen online. Regular listeners of the podcast will recognise David Leach who will be playing live in session, huzzah! If you’ve not heard him before, check out Uke Hunt podcast #2 to find out what he’s all about.

Uke Hunt Podcast #7

I will start posting on time about the podcast from now on, I promise. My only excuse is that this website still isn’t “live” yet but I really should do something about that too.

Anyway, the April edition of the podcast is up. It’s short & sweet this month but still jam packed with lovely tunes.


  1. Nicholas Abersold – Those Punk Rock Days
  2. Herman Vandecauter – Andaluzukulele
  3. Patsy Monteleone – April Showers
  4. Jessica Delfino – Chinatown
  5. The Corner Laughers – Inner Archaeologist
  6. Jake Wildwood – Amateur Night Five Dollars
  7. Substitute Sandwiches – Criss-Cross Celluloid
  8. Uke Punk – Mister, Mister
  9. The Spiraltones – Lost Weekend

Uke Hunt Podcast
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If you are interested in recording a live session & can get to Manchester – drop us a line:

Uke Hunt Podcast #6

Uke's Not Dead + The 100% Lawyers playing live in session

The March edition of the podcast went up a couple of weeks ago. Featuring a hilarious live session from Uke’s Not Dead, a quick round up of upcoming ukulele festivals and loads of bonza tunes.


  1. Gwyn Edwards – St Guinefort etc.
  2. Evanescent – The Palace of the Wind
  3. Eloise Boutry – A Little Adventure Called Life
  4. Jen Kwok – I Don’t Think About Dying
  5. Small Engine Repair – Pass the Time
  6. Uke’s Not Dead Live in Session – Jeremy Kyle
  7. Uke’s Not Dead Live in Session -Oi, Kid! Don’t Be A Hoody
  8. Uke’s Not Dead Live in Session – Ah, Fuck. I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This
  9. The Brass Traps – Drunk Mosquito
  10. Salwa Azar – Floating in Milk
  11. Naked Girls & Aeroplanes – Rough Love
  12. Kirsty McGee – Sandman
  13. Thingumabob & the Thingumajigs – Two Sips

Uke Hunt Podcast
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Uke Hunt Podcast #5

Up now for your listening pleasure, the slightly belated February edition of the Uke Hunt podcast. It’s not our fault it’s late – I blame February for being a silly month.

Jam packed with sexy ukulele music, including an exclusive from Helen Arney, tunes from Craig Robertson, Spring Breakup & Tricity Vogue, who all have new albums out, a new track from our favourite newcomer Uke’s Not Dead plus plenty more besides.


  1. Helen Arney featuring Professor Elemental – Animals
  2. Spring Breakup – It’s Not Me, It’s You
  3. Todd Baio – Old Time Blues, New Time Cheer
  4. Craig Robertson – I Can Make Elephants Disappear
  5. Doug Hoyer featuring Jessica Jalbert – Oh, The Wind Will Blow
  6. Lloyd Gabriel – There’s Nothing Funny About A Ukulele
  7. Howlin’ Hobbit – For An Old Man
  8. Luke Fitzpatrick – Ocean Waves
  9. Uke’s Not Dead – Uke! Authority
  10. Ezza Rose – 2%
  11. Ukulele Sunnyboy – On A Sunny Day
  12. Jo Stephenson – PCS-O-S
  13. Ukestar – Battle Song
  14. Tricity Vogue – Big Band Blues


Sad Song

I know it’s been a while since I last posted. I set this site up in the midsts of my dad dying. I think subconsciously I knew I had a long winter ahead and I wanted to give myself something positive to concentrate on when I returned home. Now I am home, I’m taking things really slowly but I am spending a lot of time in the studio, so you can expect to see this site developing at last. This is a song I wrote during those last weeks with my dad. It’s also the first outing of the Horncastle melodica.

Sad Song:

[soundcloud url=”″]


Ready for Love!

Well, it’s about time I had my own site. A proper site I mean, so here I am. I’ve had a scrapbook on Tumblr for a couple of years now, which I love and will continue to maintain. A girl still needs somewhere to rant and post pictures of cats. This site is more about me & my music making, somewhere I can blog in more depth. I will probably write about other musical things along the way. It’s going to take me a while to get used to things around here so bear with me.

Speaking of music, here’s a demo of a new song I just recorded. It’s a bit rough around the edges and features some Les Dawson style playing on my newly acquired toy accordion (pictured).

I had no idea what notes I was playing but there’s something about it that I like, so I’ve kept it in for now.

Ready for Love (Demo):

[soundcloud url=””]

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