Lou and the Llamas ~ Carrying A Bomb

We popped in to Wireless Manc’s Wednesday Drivetime show a few weeks ago. This is Carrying A Bomb, one of our newer songs. I wrote it a couple of years ago and then didn’t play it to a single soul. I need to stop doing that! Please forgive the frog in my throat…

We also did Messing With My Head:

You can listen to the whole thing, complete with interview.

Lou and the Llamas ~ Wonky Face/Spiderman

Recorded at Travelling Man, Manchester, Dec 2nd 2012, featuring live drawing by Laurie Pink.

Thanks to Wombat for filming it. He also namechecks us in his magnificent Ukulele Babes post.

Lou and the Llamas at Levy Jamboree #2

Lou and the Llamas at Levy Jamboree #2 ~ Photo credit: Ed Sprake

See the complete set here.

I’ve also added a few new pics to the Photos page.

Thanks again to ace photographer Ed Sprake.

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