Sad Song ~ Lyrics (Letra)

It’s really interesting seeing the search terms that drive people to my site. Recently, someone in Brazil has been searching for the lyrics to Sad Song, so here they are. Maybe I should automatically post the lyrics when I upload new songs?

Sad Song

I always knew
That I’d lose you
But please don’t say
It has to be this way

I will wait
However long it takes
Keep you safe
As you fade away

I will stay
I’ll tend your grave
Keep you safe
Like I wish I could in life

© Lou Armer 2010

Creative Commons Licence
Sad Song by Lou Armer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Song of the Week: Week Three ~ Sad Song

Lou Armer – Sad Song

Yes, yes, I know, I’m very behind with my song a week project. I’m still determined to have a fair old crack at it though, even if I am a bit creative with my time keeping. I have a whole backlog of stuff to share with you so don’t give up on me yet.

Some of you may have heard this song before. I posted the demo here when I first recorded it. I did this version for the CD that accompanies the latest What Do Ukulele Players Eat cookbook compiled by Rose Turtle Ertler. Thanks to Craig Robertson who mixed it for me.

What Do Ukulele Players Eat #2 contains 22 recipes from ukulele players from around the world, including Armelle Europe (France), Rodrigo Lemos (Brazil), Maitake (Japan), Alan Soo (Singapore) and Brittni Paiva (Hawaii) to name but a few. You can also check out my own recipe for Raspberry Bakewell Cake.

The book also comes with a 20 track CD of music by the contributors. Illustrations are by Skylaar Amann (I’m a big fan of her UkuLuLu comics).

Copies will be available to buy any day now via Rose’s website. But if you want one, be quick! The last lot sold out in no time. My copy arrived this morning and I think Rose has done a great job. Now, what’s for tea?

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