Love Levenshulme Interview

Adam Parry interviews me about the Levy Jamboree for Love Levenshulme.

Uke Hunt Podcast Review: viddyviddy

Whilst I’m getting up to date with the podcast, I almost forgot that viddyviddy did a review of it. She said some nice things and even managed to get my strange northern accent to form part of a drinking game. Click through for the full write-up but here’s a quote:

The Ukulele Hunt podcast’s main feature is a veritable buffet of ukulele-utilizing performers.  Classical, silly, pop, sad, saucy, there’s a tune for every genre and a few minutes to spare on this podcast for all of them  Host Bossarocker (ain’t lyin’) leads her listeners through a guided tour of ukulele-related music, pausing along the way to let people stretch their legs and take pictures at scenic parks.  And by “scenic parks” I mean “interviews with people who play the ukulele.”

Bossarocker Ain’t Lyin’ needs to be an album title.

Ukulele Hunt Interview

To celebrate the Ukulele! radio show on Chorlton FM, it’s Manchester week over at Ukulele Hunt. And to kick things off, I was honoured to be interviewed by Woodshed.

He asked me some very pertinent questions, so the cat is now out of the bag about my forthcoming EP. Read all about it: Bossarocker Interview

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