Happy New Year!

I’ve fallen behind with this blog. In fact, I’ve fallen behind with a lot of things in 2011. Managing North Manchester FM has taken over my life the last few months. But, that’s all going change!

So, to set my stall out – here’s what you can expect until further notice:

  • an original song every week (probably audio)
  • a video every week (might be a cover, might not)
  • other bits of news, what I’m up to, gigs, etc
  • other stuff I find interesting

I reserve the right to miss a week here and there. Recordings (both audio and video) may be rough and ready but I will try and improve on that this year too. And finish my damn EP.

If you have any other ideas or requests, drop me a line or leave a comment.

ALL FM tomorrow from midday

I’ve fallen a bit behind with the blog. I will try to rectify that in the coming weeks. There’s certainly a lot to catch up on…

This is just a quick post to tell you about my compact and bijou set on the radio tomorrow. Tune in from midday to The Mainstream on ALL FM 96.6. You can listen online if you’re not in Manchester.

Today is the Day!

The time has come to stop parping and finally let the world see what I’m up to. This website is now live! There’s still a few tweaks to be done here and there but let me know what you think or if you find anything that doesn’t work.

I owe a big thank you to Ed Brookes for supplying most of the images on the site and to Craig Robertson for tweaking them.

I’ll soon be adding tracks from my upcoming EP, which is scheduled for release at the end of July. In the meantime, I hope there’s enough here to keep you occupied (you can also check out the demos I post on this blog). If there’s something you want to see that isn’t here, let me know in the comments.

To celebrate, I’ve uploaded both of the recent Ukulele! radio shows that I did for Chorlton FM to Mixcloud. Mixcloud is a streaming platform for radio shows, podcasts and DJ mixes and is completely legal. This means I can leave them up indefinitely. Yay! You can also embed them in your own websites, should you want to. Enjoy.


Bossarocker’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

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