Next Levy Uke Up – Sunday 29th April

We had a rip-roaring time at the first Levenshulme Uke Up. Thanks to everyone who came along. The good news is, we’re going to to do it all again on Sunday 29th April, 7pm at Pod Deli!

There’s a Facebook event page and we’ve already started work on the next songbook. So if you have any suggestions for songs you’d like to play, get in touch.

Levenshulme Uke Up

Ready for Love ~ free mp3 download!

I was really chuffed to have my song featured in the Levenshulme video entry for the Mary Portas Pilot Fund. So I’ve decided to give it away as a free download, rough and ready as it is.

Levenshulme: Ready for Love

Levenshulme: Ready For Love (Portas Pilot) (by LevenshulmeTownTeam)

Some of the amazing people of Levenshulme, where I live, got together and made this. It’s the only Manchester entry for the Mary Portas Pilot Fund, which aims to rejuvenate struggling high streets.

I’m honoured that they chose one of my songs for the soundtrack. It’s a lovely vid, warms your heart. Well done everyone involved – let’s hope it’s a winner!

Levy Uke Up Songbook

The songbook is ready! This is a collection of songs we shall be playing on Sunday 25th March at Pod Deli. Please print so you can bring it with you on the night.

Download the Levenshulme Uke Up Songbook.

I’ve pilfered the chords from various corners of the internet. Thanks to all the people that share their ukulele resources – I’ve credited the source where possible. If you spot any mistakes, please let me know so I can correct them. There’s a couple of swear words in there – I hope nobody minds!

If you have any song suggestions, make them known so they can be considered for the next time we uke it up.


What Do Ukulele Players Eat #2

What Do Ukulele Players Eat #2 compiled by Rose Turtle Ertler is available to buy NOW! from

A cute little cook book filled with recipes from 22 uke players from all around the world… all contributors also sent a song that is on a CD that comes with the book. Perfect music to cook to!

Includes recipes and songs from: Armelle Europe, Yan Yalego (France), Mr Jaynickel, Herman Vandecauter (Belgium), Lou Armer AKA Bossa Rocker (UK), Pequeno Formato (Spain), Dominyka KriščiÅ«naitÄ— (Lithuania – whoops, I wrote Latvia in the book, soooorry Dominyka), Alexander Wandrowsky AKA Der Mit Der Ukulele (Germany), Rodrigo Lemos (Brazil), Maitake, Gensblue (Japan), Uke Box (Netherlands), The Nukes (New Zealand), Alan Soo (Singapore), Uni & her Ukulele, Jim D’Ville, Brittni Paiva, Skylaar Amann (USA), Shelley O’Brien (Canada) and Betty’s Driving Force, Seaman Dan, Rose Turtle Ertler (Australia).

And with beautiful illustrations by Skylaar Amann.

Levenshulme Uke Up

Following a chance encounter on Twitter with Terry from Pod Deli, I’m starting a ukulele night in Levenshulme. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to dab hands and everyone in between. Most of the songs we’ll be playing on the night will be really simple. I’ll also be putting chord sheets up online later this week, so you can just print them off and bring them with you on the 25th. Yay!

Thanks to Laurie Pink for the amazing artwork.

Follow Levenshulme Uke Up for all the latest info.


Song of the Week: Week Three ~ Sad Song

Lou Armer – Sad Song

Yes, yes, I know, I’m very behind with my song a week project. I’m still determined to have a fair old crack at it though, even if I am a bit creative with my time keeping. I have a whole backlog of stuff to share with you so don’t give up on me yet.

Some of you may have heard this song before. I posted the demo here when I first recorded it. I did this version for the CD that accompanies the latest What Do Ukulele Players Eat cookbook compiled by Rose Turtle Ertler. Thanks to Craig Robertson who mixed it for me.

What Do Ukulele Players Eat #2 contains 22 recipes from ukulele players from around the world, including Armelle Europe (France), Rodrigo Lemos (Brazil), Maitake (Japan), Alan Soo (Singapore) and Brittni Paiva (Hawaii) to name but a few. You can also check out my own recipe for Raspberry Bakewell Cake.

The book also comes with a 20 track CD of music by the contributors. Illustrations are by Skylaar Amann (I’m a big fan of her UkuLuLu comics).

Copies will be available to buy any day now via Rose’s website. But if you want one, be quick! The last lot sold out in no time. My copy arrived this morning and I think Rose has done a great job. Now, what’s for tea?

Just a quickie…

Tune in to The Mainstream to hear the latest Ukulele Tune of the Fortnight, tomorrow 11am-1pm on ALL FM 96.9. Listen online if you’re not in the Manchester area.

And stay tuned for more of my original songs, the next one is coming very soon…

ALL FM Tomorrow from 11am

Tune into The Mainstream tomorrow, 11am-1pm on ALL FM 96.9 to hear my latest Ukulele Tune of the Fortnight.

This is a regular feature I’ve started doing for the show and it’s nice to be doing something at ALL where my journey with radio began. Listen online if you’re not in the Manchester area.

With all the fantastic stuff I get sent to play on the Uke Hunt Podcast, it’s really hard when I only get to play one!


It’s been a funny old week.

After recovering from my New Year’s trip to London, I decided it was time to get my piano tuned. I’ve recently moved back to the house where my piano lives and it was one of the things I was most looking forward to spending some time with in 2012. But unfortunately, the piano needs more work than I can afford. Bummer. I think I’ll still keep my eyes open for a replacement though.

The second disaster of the week happened when I came to put together the latest Ukulele Tune of the Fortnight that I’ve started doing as a regular feature on The Mainstream, every other Saturday, 11am-1pm on ALL FM 96.9. The computer I record all my music and audio on wouldn’t start up! And just kept giving me a horrible error message instead. Fortunately, I have most of my stuff backed up but your life still flashes before your eyes, somehow.

Thankfully it’s fixed now but it has put me a bit behind schedule with my weekly song and video posts. So, next week there will be two songs and two videos to make up for it. Hopefully I can stay on schedule after that.

In the meantime, here are some pictures that my lovely friend played around with and sent to me (thanks Paul!).

Original photos by Ed Brookes.

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