Listen to me on Radio 4!

Tune in to You and Yours on BBC Radio 4 tomorrow from 12.15pm to hear me talking about ukuleles as well as doing a bit of playing and singing. Here’s the link: and it will also be available on the iPlayer afterwards.

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  1. After having bohugt a new 20SM (soprano, and loving it) I found a 20CM used at a local shop. It had clear nylon strings, (Martin I believe) and a bit of a hump in the fingerboard where the body meets the neck. Within 2 hours I had the little feller fixed, and a set of non re entry Aguila strings on it. It plays flawlessly now, Powers through the mix, even with Banjos and Mandolins. It didn’t come with a case, but fit well in an old full size Violin case, with very little modification. Now I only need to decide if the concert, or soprano voice sounds best on the song..OverallSoundPlayabilityValue forLooksConstruction

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