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At the last Levy Uke Up, we were lucky enough to be joined by local photographer Ed Sprake. Ed specialises in photographing music and people, amongst other things and he has a great eye. As some of you know, I get quite self conscious having my picture taken but Ed seems to guage just the right moment to capture people at their natural best without you even knowing he is doing it.

The above shot was taken on a Zorki 4 – Ed has a range of both film and digital cameras to choose from. Check out the full photo set here. You can also read Ed’s blog post about it: Zorki 4 and the Unfocused Ukelele Invasion

There’s also a full colour set of photos from the last Uke Up, which this shot is taken from. If you’ve ever wondered what a Uke Up is like, these photos really bring it to life!

Check out more of Ed’s work on his website, like him on Facebook or follow him on the Twitters.


  1. Such lovely words, thanks ever so much :) Catch you soon!

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  2. And they’re all true! Thanks again for all the photos, Ed. Can’t wait to hear your new banjolele!

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  3. Probably not going to be ready for the Uke up on Sunday I’m afraid, but soon. Soooooon I say! :D

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  4. Yes, sooooooon. You’re one of us now!

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