Levy Uke Up Songbook 3

By | June 23, 2012

Songbook 3 is here, ready for this Sunday’s Levy Uke Up at Pod Deli. We’ll also be playing songs from books one and two so bring those too.

Download Levy Uke Up Songbook 3

Download Levy Uke Up Songbook 2

Download Levy Uke Up Songbook 1

There are a couple of other songs not in the songbook that might also be good to try out:

Dream A Little Dream of Me It looks like there are a lot of chords (well, there are quite a few…) but once you get going, it’s not as complicated as you first think.

Somebody That I Used to Know A few people have requested this. As you can see, the chords are fairly straightforward but this version also has some twiddly bits that it might be nice to try too.

If there are any tracks that you’re not familiar with, I’ve put together a video playlist of all the songs here.

See you on Sunday, 7pm at Pod Deli!


Howlin' Hobbit on June 23, 2012 at 7:48 pm.

book 3 is definitely worth the download just for Istanbul Not Constantinople. though if it’d ever occurred to me it was a 2-chord wonder I’d probably taken a stab at figuring out which two!

Lou on June 23, 2012 at 8:18 pm.

Thanks, Hobbit. Yeah, it’s such a good song. I always mean to to record a video of it whenever I’m in Istanbul but y’know me and videos – maybe next time! It was great playing it with Craig in Providence last week, definitely a fun one to do with someone else.

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