Uke Hunt Podcast #15

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As some of you will have already seen, this is the last podcast, or at least the last one for a good while. But we’re going out in style with an interview from Manitoba Hal, thanks to Elbow Marie.

Thanks to everyone who’s got involved by sending in tracks, performing, talking, listening and generally being supportive and spreading the word.

I’ve had some lovely messages during the last few days – I’m really glad that so many of you enjoyed the podcasts. Please keep in touch, I’m going to miss you all!

If you really can’t live without my music picks and strange accent, I am still doing Ukulele Tune of the Fortnight for The Mainstream on ALL FM, every other Saturday 11am-1pm.

And of course, you can still listen to the complete Uke Hunt Podcast Archive.


  1. Victrola Lague DeBushwick – Fascination
  2. Thomas Oliver Jones – Find A Friend
  3. Tyrone – Lonely
  4. Ciati Conlin – Our Life in Concentration Camps Pt 1
  5. The Brass Traps – Settle Down
  6. Lesley Marie Boileau interviews Manitoba Hal feat:
  7. Manitoba Hal – Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women
  8. Manitoba Hal – Incredible Bread Washing Machine
  9. Manitoba Hal – Atlanta
  10. Phredd – It’s My Birthday
  11. Joker the Boxhead – So To Speak
  12. Jack Lidgeley – Ode to the Disillusioned Worker
  13. Jim the Schoolgirl – Tiptoe Thru Tha Tulips
  14. Loveswing – The Brave
  15. The Love Leighs – Philadelphia

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