Song of the Week: Week 4 ~ Dancing Shoes

Lou Armer – Dancing Shoes (Rough Demo)

I’ve ummed and ahed about posting this… It’s one of the songs that I wrote last year. It’s very rough, more of a sketch than anything and probably goes on a bit too long but sod it.

Next up will be a brand new song once I’ve finished wrestling it into shape.


  1. I see why you think it’s rough and too long.

    It’s not.

    What it isn’t is a top-40 single. But if all songs were top-40 singles, the world would be poorer. This is the sort of track that would make me bad I bought the album — if you see what I mean. That might be an allegory that whooshes over the head of someone younger than me!

    If you really want biting criticism, it would be even better if the lyrics took us on some sort of journey. But I love it.

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  2. Um, “glad”. Not “bad”. ::headdesk::

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  3. Thanks, Shadowfirebird! I always value your feedback. You’re very kind but give me points to work on too – most people are too scared to do that. Really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again.

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