Uke Hunt Podcast #14: Ukulady Edition

By | March 9, 2012

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, I put together an all female edition of the podcast. And it’s a MOTHER of a podcast! Featuring an interview with one my favourite ukulele players, Rose Turtle Ertler from Australia.

Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. Ukulelezo – Bikini Song
  2. Armelle Europe – Maelström
  3. Savannah Smith – Comeback Baby
  4. Livi Yiu – Romantic Lullaby
  5. Mary Agnes Covery-Krell – I Gave Your Unicorn A Black Eye
  6. Wendy Solomon – Odious Michael
  7. Kendra Korshak – Bye Bye Brooklyn
  8. Rose Turtle Ertler Interview Part 1
  9. Rose Turtle Ertler – Follow Me Down the Way
  10. Rose Turtle Ertler Interview Part 2
  11. Rose Turtle Ertler – Hiccup
  12. Team Stephanie – Far Love
  13. Ruth Wilksinson – Strange Bird
  14. Salwa Azar – Fire and Ice
  15. Isla Maclean – Dance With Me Tonight
  16. Corner Laughers – Twice the Luck
  17. Shelley O’Brien – Turn Into Spring
  18. The Balconettes sing about a personal problem

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