Uke Hunt Podcast Review: viddyviddy

Whilst I’m getting up to date with the podcast, I almost forgot that viddyviddy did a review of it. She said some nice things and even managed to get my strange northern accent to form part of a drinking game. Click through for the full write-up but here’s a quote:

The Ukulele Hunt podcast’s main feature is a veritable buffet of ukulele-utilizing performers.  Classical, silly, pop, sad, saucy, there’s a tune for every genre and a few minutes to spare on this podcast for all of them  Host Bossarocker (ain’t lyin’) leads her listeners through a guided tour of ukulele-related music, pausing along the way to let people stretch their legs and take pictures at scenic parks.  And by “scenic parks” I mean “interviews with people who play the ukulele.”

Bossarocker Ain’t Lyin’ needs to be an album title.


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