Happy New Year!

I’ve fallen behind with this blog. In fact, I’ve fallen behind with a lot of things in 2011. Managing North Manchester FM has taken over my life the last few months. But, that’s all going change!

So, to set my stall out – here’s what you can expect until further notice:

  • an original song every week (probably audio)
  • a video every week (might be a cover, might not)
  • other bits of news, what I’m up to, gigs, etc
  • other stuff I find interesting

I reserve the right to miss a week here and there. Recordings (both audio and video) may be rough and ready but I will try and improve on that this year too. And finish my damn EP.

If you have any other ideas or requests, drop me a line or leave a comment.


  1. Happy New Year to you too!

    sounds like my plans except I know better than to expect myself to do anything that ambitious on a weekly basis. (it’s amazing how tiring this busking thing is getting as I age into my decrepitude.) but I do have some new songs (and some more burbling about in my thick cranium) and some wild-assed ideas I want to go for and, hell, I’m not getting any younger then, am I?

    great to see something from you!

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  2. Thanks, Hobbit! Nice to hear from you. The discipline will do me good, I think, but we’ll see how well I do with the weekly thing. For now anyway.

    Busking can be hard work – that’s how I earned my living when I was very young. Will drop by & check out your new stuff – I’ve been a bit out of touch lately. And just bloody well go for it with the wild-assed ideas, I say!

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