Uke Hunt Podcast #9

Uke Hunt podcast #9 is up. Some great tunes this month plus we welcome back our French correspondent Armelle Europe who interviews the imitable Craig Robertson.

No podcast next month (July) but we’ll be back in August with a bumper summer edition so keep sending us your stuff!

  1. Damon Hill – Maybe I
  2. Rose Turtle Ertler featuring Yan Yalego – Fair Weather
  3. Manitoba Hal – Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women
  4. Tyrone – Bottoms
  5. Alfred Williams – Bears
  6. Krabbers – Angry Bees
  7. Helen Arney – Erwin’s Other Animals
  8. Armelle Europe interviews Craig Robertson Part 1
  9. Craig Robertson – Conjure Box
  10. Armelle Europe interviews Craig Robertson Part 2
  11. Craig Robertson – I Can Make Elephants Disappear
  12. Nicholas Abersold – All Summer Long
  13. Beth Bird – The Living Road
  14. Amitron 7 – Everything Is Orange Now

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