tUnE-yArDs, Deaf Institute, Manchester

Manchester welcomed tUnE-yArDs back with open arms on Monday. Last time she played here, it wasn’t very busy. This time, she was playing at the much bigger Deaf Institute and it was sold out. Her band has also expanded to a four-piece with the addition of two saxophone players, as heard on her recent second album w h o k i l l, who also play pots and pans. Oh and a baking tray.

She rocked it of course. As she built loops out of drums, percussion and vocal layers, some loop nerds stood nearby exclaimed, “She makes it look so easy!” And she did, before adding ukulele and more knock out vocals to the mix along with plenty of audience participation and chirpy banter in between songs.

There aren’t many performers like Merrill Garbus around right now, not just musically speaking, where she’s clearly in a league of her own but in terms of how open, expressive and honest she is as a performer. More powa to her.

Buy w h o k i l l.


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