Uke Hunt Podcast #5

Up now for your listening pleasure, the slightly belated February edition of the Uke Hunt podcast. It’s not our fault it’s late – I blame February for being a silly month.

Jam packed with sexy ukulele music, including an exclusive from Helen Arney, tunes from Craig Robertson, Spring Breakup & Tricity Vogue, who all have new albums out, a new track from our favourite newcomer Uke’s Not Dead plus plenty more besides.


  1. Helen Arney featuring Professor Elemental – Animals
  2. Spring Breakup – It’s Not Me, It’s You
  3. Todd Baio – Old Time Blues, New Time Cheer
  4. Craig Robertson – I Can Make Elephants Disappear
  5. Doug Hoyer featuring Jessica Jalbert – Oh, The Wind Will Blow
  6. Lloyd Gabriel – There’s Nothing Funny About A Ukulele
  7. Howlin’ Hobbit – For An Old Man
  8. Luke Fitzpatrick – Ocean Waves
  9. Uke’s Not Dead – Uke! Authority
  10. Ezza Rose – 2%
  11. Ukulele Sunnyboy – On A Sunny Day
  12. Jo Stephenson – PCS-O-S
  13. Ukestar – Battle Song
  14. Tricity Vogue – Big Band Blues


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